Spur Gear

Spur Gear

They are simple, easily manufactured, and are the first choice when exploring gear options. Transmitting power between parallel axes for speed reduction or increase, torque multiplication, etc. They consist of a cylinder or disk with teeth projecting radially. Spur gears mate only one tooth at a time, resulting in high stress on the mating teeth and noisy operation.

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Manufacturing Method

The most common gear type produced by either hobbing or gear generating. During the hobbing process, both the cutter (hob) as well as workpiece rotates as the cutter feeds axially across the gear blank.


Carburizing steel (EN8, EN19, EN24, EN36), Stainless steel, Aluminium, Nylon, and phosphorus bronze


Our pricing model considers the following:

  1. Raw material costs determined by the size of material required
  2. Plus estimated machine and gear-cutting time
  3. Plus heat treatment costs (only if required)


From 15 mm - 1200 mm diameter