Low Flow Pump 1
Low Flow Pump 2
Low Flow Pump 3
Low Flow Pump 4

2196LF ANSI / Low Flow Pump


  • Low Flow High Head Applications
  • Radial Vane Impeller
  • Balance Holes on Impeller
  • Interchangeability with Existing ANSI Pump
  • Rigid Frame Foot


  • Reduced Shaft Vibration
  • Lower NPSHr
  • Lower Seal Chamber Pressure
  • Extended MTBF on Pump and Mechanical Seal


Additive Chemicals, Batch/Continuous Chemical Reactors, Chemical Dryers, Chemical Processes, Condensate Service, Evaporators, Petro Chemical Service, Shower Services.

Optional Features

  • Finned-Tube Oil Cooler
  • Multiple Stuffing Box Cover Options
    • Standard Bore
    • Large Bore
    • Taper Bore